Sep 09

MoGi Group’s Top Films of the Summer

Compared to previous years, it´s fair to say that summer 2015 wasn´t exactly a vintage year for huge blockbusters smashing box office records. However, that´s not to say that fun times weren´t had in front of the big screen. Some were underappreciated, some are destined for ´cult classic´ status, and some featured flame-throwing guitars. Here´s a rundown of the best films witnessed by MoGi eyes this summer: Continue reading “MoGi Group’s Top Films of the Summer” »

Aug 21

MoGi and Ireland Celebrate 1 Month Anniversary

The Ireland branch of our awesome MoGi team has been in place in our new premises in Dublin for a month, so we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look behind the scenes of our all-singing, all-dancing headquarters.

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Jul 22

Helping to Build Forge of Empires

As you have no doubt heard, MoGi Group recently set up operations in Ireland, increasing the number of countries we now work in to five. Whilst our ambitions and future plans are maybe a touch shy of the global domination targeted by players of the online strategy epic, Forge of Empires, (maybe!) our time spent working on the translation and localization of this huge game has been exciting, challenging, and definitely worth talking about! Continue reading “Helping to Build Forge of Empires” »

May 12

Lost In Translation – The Most Common Localization Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

If MoGi Group had a dollar, euro, pound, ruble, peso, rand, rupee, krona, yen or bitcoin for every time somebody asked us ‘What’s the key to awesome localization?’ we’d have, well, a huge pile of coins that we wouldn’t really know what to do with.

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Apr 15

The Differences Between Customer Support and Community Management

To the untrained eye, it may seem as though customer support and community management are both one and the same. After all, they are both involve answering questions, handling complaints, providing assistance and helping the customer out, right?

Whilst there is an element of truth to this, the reality is that community management and video game customer support services are two very different things and should be treated accordingly if you want to provide effective services (which, of course, you do!) Continue reading “The Differences Between Customer Support and Community Management” »

Mar 30

A Day in the Life of…A MoGi Translator

In the first of a new, regular series, we are going to take a look behind the scenes at MoGi Group International to discover how the various departments work, and what measures are in place to ensure the work we produce is of the highest possible standard.
The first group of people under the spotlight is the translators. Translation services are a huge part of what we do – we have native speakers in over 40 languages from all over the world – and it is one of the busiest departments in the company. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of…A MoGi Translator” »

Mar 11

The Battle to Translate ‘This War of Mine’

At MoGi Group International, there is nothing we like more than helping to bring exciting and challenging games to a wider audience through our high-quality translation and localization services.

Therefore, it was with considerable pride and excitement that we took on the task of translating and localizing the epic ‘This War of Mine,’ published by DeepSilver. Continue reading “The Battle to Translate ‘This War of Mine’” »

Oct 01

International Community Management – Take up Arms! The Time to Battle for Planet Utopia is Now!

Evolution: Battle for Utopia (EBU), for iOS and Android, is the best kind of mash-up game. Developers myGames have combined action, strategy and RPG, with a touch of Star Trek and city building. It sounds like a hot mess but instead it creates the kind of addictive fun that only an app game can deliver. Not to mention the graphics, which are better than some CG films. As with any freemium game, you can play for free with the option of IAP (in-app purchases) to speed up the game play, but a common flaw with this system is perhaps this game’s biggest ailment – to match the progress that the game is pressing you for requires frequent purchases. All too quickly the enemies become stronger than your weapon, the buildings need upgrading, and technologies need to be researched – although this is the driving point behind IAP, in EBU it seems uncharacteristically out of pace with the typical progression of freemium games. It doesn’t change the fact that I played for several hours, quickly losing track of time, to realize why many players say that EBU is their favorite game. Continue reading “International Community Management – Take up Arms! The Time to Battle for Planet Utopia is Now!” »

Sep 24

Game Companion Apps – Using the Second Screen to Extend Gaming Experience

The Spring release of Watch Dogs ctOS caught my eye. People were really excited about the gameplay and the idea behind it – maybe game companion apps (GCAs) are becoming standalone game contenders. For those unacquainted with GCAs (also known as ‘second screen apps’), they are apps that allow additional remote gaming features outside of the console or PC game on the player’s mobile device – what they offer varies from game to game. I have seen game companion apps before that usually provide some side content, maps, or a different customization screen, but Watch Dogs’ is different. It can be its own standalone game – as with most GCAs, the app is free, but with ctOS you don’t have to have the original game to play and you can play against console and PC players in tactical Mobile Challenges – for an app game that made me take a closer look. Somehow a console/PC can meet a cellphone somewhere in the middle to create a different gaming experience for both parties involved. Even though the addictive, casual gaming apps are common place on any mobile device, GCAs are striving to break ground in a new, and perhaps revolutionary, field. Is there a place between consoles and cellphones, and could this create viable, entertaining games? All of this got me thinking about “the second screen”.

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Sep 11

Video Game Community Management Review – Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is brand spanking new and is making a colossal first impression. It was released on June 30th of this year and has already managed to snag GameSpot’s Game of the Month for July. Within four days of launching it sold 160,000 copies, quickly becoming Larian Studio’s fastest selling game (at the time of writing, the Collector’s Edition is still sold out on the Larian Vault). It’s easy to get pulled into the new game glow. On Original Sin’s website it describes the game as “a 3D RPG with old school roots” which is enough to make me feel tingly. Many others liken it to Baldur’s Gate, Skyrim and, personally, it reminded me of NWN – especially because of the inter-player relationships and “henchie” aspect. This nostalgia factor is something that modern gaming culture has been craving.

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