Jun 15

Desert Island Games

CSA5You’re stranded on a Desert Island, the only things that surround you are sand, sea and palm trees. Oh, and a smattering of games consoles and a vault containing every game ever made – salvation! However, there’s a twist. You can only choose five. What would you choose to play until help arrived? This week, Ian, one of our copywriters, is left stranded on the shore… Continue reading “Desert Island Games” »

Jun 13

10 Things We Can’t Wait to See at E3

e3-logoE3 is finally here! The biggest event in gaming gets underway in LA this week. With the current generation of consoles in full swing (except if you’re Nintendo…), it looks like we’re going to see this generation hit its full potential in the next year or so. It makes for an incredibly exciting time for gamers, and the perfect time to look at 10 things we’re excited for at E3. Continue reading “10 Things We Can’t Wait to See at E3” »

Jun 02

How did Hodor ‘Hold the Door’ Around the World?


Last week, the many, many fans of the epic Game of Thrones around the world witnessed an example of the challenges of localizing character name and language-specific tricks, something we have discussed in a previous MoGi blog.

So, how did they manage it? And was it a success? Warning, the below article contains MAJOR spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 5 yet, back away and come back later! Continue reading “How did Hodor ‘Hold the Door’ Around the World?” »

Apr 28

The Anatomy of the Perfect Player Support Agent

What makes a great player support agent? What are the core skills and talents needed to negotiate a role where the challenges come thick and fast? After a discussion with our player support teams, we have reached a consensus on the essential characteristics required for this highly specialized role.

Continue reading “The Anatomy of the Perfect Player Support Agent” »

Apr 22

A Song of Blood, Sweat and Tears – MoGi’s Work on Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll no doubt be aware that the long-awaited 6th series of the indescribably epic Game of Thrones launches on our TV screens next week (is he really dead?) So, what better way to kill the final few hours until viewing time than by taking a look at the work our awesome video game localization teams have done on the equally epic game series from Telltale Games.


Continue reading “A Song of Blood, Sweat and Tears – MoGi’s Work on Game of Thrones” »