Apr 28

The Anatomy of the Perfect Player Support Agent

What makes a great player support agent? What are the core skills and talents needed to negotiate a role where the challenges come thick and fast? After a discussion with our player support teams, we have reached a consensus on the essential characteristics required for this highly specialized role.

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Apr 22

A Song of Blood, Sweat and Tears – MoGi’s Work on Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll no doubt be aware that the long-awaited 6th series of the indescribably epic Game of Thrones launches on our TV screens next week (is he really dead?) So, what better way to kill the final few hours until viewing time than by taking a look at the work our awesome video game localization teams have done on the equally epic game series from Telltale Games.


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Apr 13

Localization Challenges – Translating Pop Culture References and Literary Tricks

The stories and examples of gaming localization gone wrong are as numerous as they are entertaining. It will be a cold day in hell before Zero Wing’s classic ‘All your base are belong to us’ or the wonderfully poetic ‘Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness’ from Fatal Fury Special don’t raise a smile.

However, these tales are from the very genesis of game localization. Simple errors such as these don’t, or certainly shouldn’t, happen anymore. Instead, modern video-game localization faces some altogether more complex challenges, of which the hardest is probably localizing references, idioms and phrases specific to certain countries or cultures. Continue reading “Localization Challenges – Translating Pop Culture References and Literary Tricks” »

Mar 18

Gaming Around the World: Ireland



Welcome to Gaming Around the World, our series on gaming cultures in different countries around the globe. To start, we’re going to take a look at Ireland, where the market is growing year on year, with a little help from MoGi Group, of course!

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Feb 24

6 Things You WILL Experience as a Player Support Agent

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Being a player support agent is, at times, not an easy job. While the majority of people you deal with will be polite and cooperative, you will also encounter your fair share of difficult players. MoGi’s multilingual player support teams have a wealth of experience in dealing with all kinds of requests and, though the language is different, it seems gamers all over the world will try the same tricks. Below is a list of typical tickets you can expect to see, along with a little insight from one of our player support agents.

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Feb 11

The Keys to Providing Great Player Support for Mobile Games



Let’s be honest, player support can make or break a mobile game. When four out of five mobile apps and games get deleted after being played just once, player retention is a precious commodity, and is essential to ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of your players. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the channels that companies use to provide support for gamers, and how each one can be used effectively.

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Jan 06

Games to Look Forward to in 2016

While 2015 was a pretty good year for games, the new generation of consoles are still trying to find their feet. Despite glimpses of brilliance (the best of which you can find in our previous blog, The Best Games to Play This Christmas, it still felt like the best was yet to come. And a look at the 2016 release schedule would confirm those suspicions! So now, let’s take a look at the most exciting new releases for next year! Continue reading “Games to Look Forward to in 2016” »

Dec 09

How Do You Translate That?!

translation image


When it comes to translation, people sometimes think it is simply an A to B process. This is not always the case! All over the world, cultures have different ways of expressing themselves. Where you grow up can have a profound impact on the way that you view the world. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at some words which only exist in one language,and pose a test to even the most talented translation experts. Continue reading “How Do You Translate That?!” »