Apr 11

A Cloud on the Horizon: Cloud Gaming’s Impact on Consoles and the World

1Last November we took note of the comeback of consoles and their most fearsome competitor yet – cloud gaming. Sony has readily joined the market by partnering with Gaikai who is powering streaming content to PS3, PS4 and the PSP usurper, PS Vita, which can stream your PS4 games right into your hands. This doesn’t mean that cloud gaming companies are settling into an auxiliary role – not at all – there are some among them who want their own platforms, their own games, and are already amassing the resources to do it.


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Mar 13

Wargaming.net: Community Management on the Front Lines!

Wargaming.net is a franchise of games including World of Tanks (WOT), World of Warplanes (WOWP), World of Warships (WOWS) and not, as one might be forgiven for assuming, World of Warcraft. It is a huge MMO gaming platform that has been around for more than 15 years serving gamers from all over the world. With a significant social presence, Facebook and Twitter keep the community informed of updates while players can visit the worlds’ homepages not only to play, but to interact with each other. Plus they can talk to admin, or seek customer service.


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Mar 04

The Mountain of Social Media for Small Businesses – Why Start the Climb?

For startups or small businesses, it may seem that the social media mountain is insurmountable, and as impossible to climb as the North Face of the Eiger. But consider this: even the first steps of your ascent make you a whole lot more visible to your audience down at the base camp, and the base camp has 1.19 billion monthly users. Yep – billions; not millions.

Of those billion customers, not all of them will want a custom design toothbrush, but you’ve probably got a better chance of finding them at Mount Social than on your local high street. With so many blogs out there discussing the benefits of social media for startups and small businesses, we won’t keep you too long – you’ve got socializing to do!


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Jan 31

Unsociable Media: Getting Your Messaging Right Online? It’s Elementary…

We know that when you’re developing your online presence you want to shout your message to the world. However, at MO Group International we understand that it’s just as important to pick and choose both the appropriate time and the appropriate message. An in-joke meant for your hard-earned community is not necessarily welcoming to your wider audience who have not yet committed to following you; they may not understand your message. Perhaps you want your brand to appear edgy, pop-culture savvy, and on the pulse of what’s ‘trending’, but there’s always merit in maintaining the core identity of your business without overusing the bright lights and megaphone. Your online presence takes time, and it also takes tact.

In short, you need to be balancing relevancy with substance and, most importantly, with sentiment.


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Jan 15

Mobile Games Localization

Think Global, Act Local

mobile_phone_imageDue to the pace of on-the-go mobile gaming, so-so first impressions or negative reviews can crush apps almost instantly. A recent survey by Ebuyer shows only 40% of 8850 surveyed gamers keep games for over a month and with dozens of games appearing every day, it’s no wonder their attention is tough to earn. Opening the App Store is like teleporting to Times Square – on New Year’s Eve.

In today’s global market, mobile game localization allows an app to speak to gamers across the world and say, ‘‘Hey there, I was created for YOU!’’. Language and culture are huge barriers that need to be passed in order to help games achieve that coveted Top Grossing list. Although acknowledged as a leading world language, English only represents 27% of internet content. This shows the importance of localization, and the gap to be filled by the international gaming community.

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Jan 10

Managing Online Communities During the Winter Holidays

Community Management During the Winter Break

MoGi_Christmas_treeNow that the festive season is over, you are probably feeling quite reflective, asking yourself how you could’ve handled your community management differently during the holidays.

Let’s re-wind a little and put you back in the position of how you may felt at Christmas, to put you in good stead for next Christmas and other holiday events, where staff numbers are short and time is tight.

Ho…Ho…How am I Supposed to Leave my Community to Feel Lonely this Christmas?

So you’ve just finished for the winter break and you’re already feeling exhausted? Yep, that’s part of the challenge of being a community manager. While everyone else in the office got to clock –off and dash off in-time for Christmas, the chances are that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to rid yourself of that tingling feeling that you need to check whether your faithful yet feisty community is surviving without you. The chances are that everything is going swimmingly, but just to make sure you can have a happy holiday without worrying, check out our top tips below for festive season community management:

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Jan 09

Travian – Game Community Management Review


Imagine receiving 100,000 emails a day from people impatiently asking you to resolve all of their problems. Sounds like that scene from Bruce Almighty? Well this may also be the case at Travian Games HQ, Munich, where the hugely successful online game, Travian, is managed by a vast multilingual support team. At MO Group International we’re always pleased to support game companies who understand the importance of multilingual community management; and unlike rookie Bruce, we think Team Travian have what it takes.


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Dec 10

A Day in the Life of an Avid Game Translator

As a casual gamer, something I realized quickly is that casual games are really rather fun! They are often well designed and immersive, relatively short and enjoyable while playing at your own pace. Their content is also better suited to those looking to enjoy their games without the extra violence and adult themes often associated with other gaming genres. For those still seeking a little thrill however, some casual games do revolve around ‘dark’, ‘sinister’ and ‘spooky’ environments. Many casual games are barrier-free and come with upbeat, humorous stories, or contain charming puzzles and fun mini-games. Despite being geared towards players who enjoy a quick gaming experience, they can offer extensive storylines and exquisite dialogue with references to classical literature, pop culture, science-fiction series and even quizzes.

Casual game genres include: Match 3, Hidden Object, Time Management, Strategy, Board Games, Brain Training, Marble-Popping, Word Games and more.

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Nov 21

The Comeback of Consoles

Computers, smartphones, tablets, phablets… Thanks to the diverse range of platforms now available to video game fans, consoles have been repeatedly told that they may have legitimate reason to tremble for their future. The outlook at the start of 2013 was gloomy to say the least, with worldwide sales plummeting by 37% according to the NPD Group. However, the excitement surrounding the imminent launch of next-generation consoles has clearly shown an attachment of devoted gamers to dedicated devices.


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Sep 25

How to Choose Your Language Service Provider (LSP)

MoGi - Localization & TestingAre you thinking about translating your product, but can’t decide which language service provider (LSP) to go for? The localization process can appear scary at first but, as long as you know how to choose the right partner for you, everything will turn out just fine.

What Makes a Good LSP?

Before comparing differing LSPs’ offers, you need to know how to assess them. As for any project, you want to make sure that your provider meets several key points.

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