Managing Online Communities During the Winter Holidays

Community Management During the Winter Break
MoGi_Christmas_treeNow that the festive season is over, you are probably feeling quite reflective, asking yourself how you could’ve handled your community management differently during the holidays.

Let’s re-wind a little and put you back in the position of how you may felt at Christmas, to put you in good stead for next Christmas and other holiday events, where staff numbers are short and time is tight.

Ho…Ho…How am I Supposed to Leave my Community to Feel Lonely this Christmas?

So you’ve just finished for the winter break and you’re already feeling exhausted? Yep, that’s part of the challenge of being a community manager. While everyone else in the office got to clock –off and dash off in-time for Christmas, the chances are that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to rid yourself of that tingling feeling that you need to check whether your faithful yet feisty community is surviving without you. The chances are that everything is going swimmingly, but just to make sure you can have a happy holiday without worrying, check out our top tips below for festive season community management:

1.      Lay the groundwork. Plan the presents.

Santa wouldn’t be feeling very happy now would he, if you failed to leave a carrot, mince pie and a glass of milk for him and old Rudolf. It’s the same for a thriving community, each grappling to get their voices heard amongst a chorus of Christmas carol singers, praising the name of your brand/product. Make a plan for the content that you wish to feature during the festive season and make sure it’s thorough, concise and covers all possible angles.

2.      Create the content. Make the cake.

Like any good Christmas cake, it’s vital to ensure that you’ve made it before Christmas has even begun. After the planning phase, make sure that you start creating the content well in advance to avoid problems when you and your colleagues may not be quite so readily available. Whether it’s written content, audio, or visual, make sure it’s ready to go.

3.      Schedule, schedule, schedule! Make sure there’s something to open on the big day!

Differing platforms have different methods, and there are many variants of tools on offer to make the community management social media process run more smoothly, but using Facebook is pretty much standard for most online communities, so take advantage of the scheduling tools on offer and place posts to be opened like calendar doors throughout the holidays. Scheduling is as easy as placing baubles on a tree, so get it done, leaving you time for a cheeky egg-nog.

4.      Divide and conquer! Slice the Turkey!

Make sure that you have adequate cover during the time you are away. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full team, just someone who’s on hand to check that things are running smoothly in the run up to the Christmas period. Some people choose to take extended holidays during this time, so it’s important to be aware that someone needs to check in with the community before and after the big event.

5.      Take stock and plan for a Happy New Year!

Take stock to plan for content and events to be unleashed during the New Year, so that coming back to the office after the break isn’t such a shock to your relaxed system! Once everything is in place you should be ready to enjoy the festive period and the excitement of your community without worrying.

So there you have it, a handful of tips to help you prepare your Christmas dinn… community, to you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your winter holiday – without too much anxiety! Now, that’s out the way, you should probably get started on what you plan to deliver to your content hungry fans for the year ahead!

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James Norman, English Copywriter, MO Group International

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