The Mountain of Social Media for Small Businesses – Why Start the Climb?

For startups or small businesses, it may seem that the social media mountain is insurmountable, and as impossible to climb as the North Face of the Eiger. But consider this: even the first steps of your ascent make you a whole lot more visible to your audience down at the base camp, and the base camp has 1.19 billion monthly users. Yep – billions; not millions.

Of those billion customers, not all of them will want a custom design toothbrush, but you’ve probably got a better chance of finding them at Mount Social than on your local high street. With so many blogs out there discussing the benefits of social media for startups and small businesses, we won’t keep you too long – you’ve got socializing to do!

So here’s the Spark Notes version of the benefits of social media to small businesses:

Let’s get personal. Opening up social media channels means you have to materialize your brand at an early stage, which is no bad thing for your business. Saying something that represents the human side of your brand from day one will be an important factor for your customers, and a valuable habit to ingrain.

– Build friends, not phonies. Many businesses still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that a small network of quality followers and friends is far more profitable in the long term than a hoard of acquaintances. Remember that guy you once met at that party that time in that place? Neither does he. You’ve got the opportunity to cement that idea in your strategies from the word go.

– Bargain Buddies. Social Media doesn’t require a huge marketing budget. In fact, it doesn’t require any budget at all. Whilst you may be interested in social media advertising or even outsourcing to a social media service provider, it’s not a necessity – you can build a great community on $0. Of course, outsourcing to an experienced agency will provide you with the best results!

– All hail the thumbs up! Perhaps the biggest benefit of social media is the fact that Google’s latest algorithm changes mean that your likes, retweets and +1s now contribute to your SEO efforts, pushing you up the SERPs! There really is no excuse for a force this powerful to be ignored, as much as you may like or loathe the idea of Planet Google.

– Sellouts promote the social sale. We’ve all heard that social media ain’t for selling, but don’t be fooled into thinking that no sales means no profit. Social media channels build lasting relationships with your audience who, when paired with your world-class toothbrush bristles and customer service, will become loyal customers instead of one-time-buyers.

– It’s not all about THOSE numbers. Using the stats reports available on social portals is free market research! Whilst the nitty-gritty may seem less appealing than sharing your creative content, it’s vital information that can really help you tailor your campaigns and your company.

Show off your service. Another of the benefits of social media channels is that they’re also great places for customer feedback, which is vital for startups and small businesses – this is how the word is spread! Being available on social media channels makes it easier for your customers to get in touch, since they’re probably already on Facebook to start with. Not only is feedback useful to you; your public responses and dealings with complaints are vital to your customers, old and new.


Our Top Tip for Starting Your Climb

Consider your target market, and work out their preferred social media platform. Each one has a unique purpose in the consumer’s life, be it Facebook, image-centered Instagram, LinkedIn’s professional benefits, or any other of the multitude of online social channels. A scatter-brain approach with one campaign spread across dissimilar platforms won’t work, so focus on the platform(s) most useful to your target market. Once you’ve mastered one social signal, you can move on to the next! Don’t risk a fall – take it one sturdy step at a time.

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