Why Translate?

With accurate translation of your products, software, documentation, websites, and marketing materials, your opportunity for greater business success is substantially increased.

Today’s global market brings abundant competition. Even if you haven’t expanded your business into international territories there is a good chance your foreign competitors have already made the leap, and are competing in your domestic market right now. International business carries a plethora of decisions and challenges, but the biggest obstacle remains that of language and culture. Without providing clear communications in your target audiences’ native language and adapting them to address local cultural sensitivities, you will not connect with your market and your business efforts will be wasted.

Let’s look at the facts (sources below):

– Buyers are three times more likely to purchase something if addressed in their own language
– The world holds three times as many native speakers of Chinese as native speakers of English
– There are 311 languages spoken in the United States alone and according to the Census Bureau, 14 million U.S. households speak a language other than English
– Only 30% of worldwide internet users are fluent English speakers

Notably, companies that are already operating on an international basis also have domestic translation opportunities. Diversity in local offices is more and more common these days and translating in-house communication tools such as company policies and office intranets can strengthen and unify an organization significantly.

Working with MOGI to achieve your translation requirements can alleviate many of the challenges involved with targeting new markets and communicating in foreign languages. As a professional translations solutions provider, MOGI takes a rigorous approach to selecting the best translators for the job. Ideally, we use native speakers of the target language, subject matter experts, proofreaders, and project managers for every job. This combination of experience and skill results in accurate and timely translations for your company and consumers.

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