Games to Look Forward to in 2016

While 2015 was a pretty good year for games, the new generation of consoles are still trying to find their feet. Despite glimpses of brilliance (the best of which you can find in our previous blog, The Best Games to Play This Christmas, it still felt like the best was yet to come. And a look at the 2016 release schedule would confirm those suspicions! So now, let’s take a look at the most exciting new releases for next year!

The Legend of Zelda: Wii U

Let’s start with a little Nintendo magic. After originally being scheduled for a Christmas 2015 release, Zelda got pushed back by several months, as is the Nintendo way when it comes to Zelda games. But we all know it’s for a good cause, as Nintendo never go for anything less than excellence.

The new Zelda looks to change up the usual formula by creating a huge, open world. We can’t do justice to how vast the world looks, so we’ll let Eji Aonuma of Nintendo talk you through it. It looks like Nintendo making an Elder Scrolls game. And if that doesn’t get you interested, you need to check your pulse. A possible starring role for new female Link only adds to the intrigue! Dust off your Wii U’s, because this is going to be a good one.

zeldaNo Man’s Sky

It’s very hard to classify No Man’s Sky with a genre. I guess it’s a kind of first person-adventure-sci-fi-RPG hybrid? Actually, if we had to sum up the game in one word based on the trailers, it would be ambitious!

The game puts you in the shoes of an intergalactic explorer, travelling to planets throughout the universe to gather resources. Developers Hello Games have created a game that will be unique for everyone, with many, many planets to explore, each with their own eco systems. We already know that we’re going to burn hundreds of hours on this game as we try to find a planet where bacon grows on trees.

skyMass Effect Andromeda

It’s been nearly four years since the release of Mass Effect 3, and despite the controversial ending, fans are still ravenous for a new entry into the series. While there have been little more than teasers for the new game so far, the hype train has already long left the station, and is picking up speed.

Supposedly set a few centuries after the end of the original trilogy, Commander Shephard is long gone, as are the Reapers. The plot features an entirely new character, which you can obviously customise, as he or she explores the galaxy, looking for a new place for humans to settle. While the plot sounds vague, it has tons of potential and possible directions. And if there’s anyone who knows how to great a fresh, exciting story from that concept, it’s the writers at Bioware!

mass effect

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is the latest offering from Max Payne and Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment. It’s an action/sci-fi game with a time manipulation twist. You play as Jack Joyce, who has the ability to freeze time and do what he wants while everyone and everything is frozen. Time manipulation can be a tricky concept, but considering how well Remedy Games handled dual universes in Alan Wake, we’re optimistic for Quantum Break.

The time manipulation mechanic will obviously play a huge part in the game-play. There’ll be battles where you can freeze time to dodge bullets or find yourself a better position. The game will also feature intricate puzzles where you have to use your time abilities. It’s innovative, it’s complex, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Rejoice, PlayStation 4 owners, as Nathan Drake is back this March! The new game takes place a few years after Uncharted 3, and finds Drake retired from fortune hunting and happily married to Elena. But in a soap opera twist, Drake’s brother, who is supposed to be dead, shows up out of the blue one day, looking for help. Scandalous!

Aside from the story, you know what to expect. There’s going to be exploration, gun battles, and puzzles, which you can get a taste of in the trailer. What will be interesting to see is how the PS4 improves the experience. Crisper graphics, longer run-time, and a bigger budget all mean good things for Drake and co. Just remember to squeeze in some target practice before you play…



Having just celebrated its 15 year anniversary a few weeks ago, the Hitman series isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The next adventure for everyone’s favorite bald assassin will be released in May, and it looks awesome. More locations, more targets, and more wonderfully elaborate executions. Will anything be able to surpass the fake opera gun from Blood Money?

The other reason Hitman deserves recognition is the approach that IO Interactive is taking with their new game. There’s no paid DLC, no season passes, and no micro-transactions. While there will be additional missions that you have to download, they will be absolutely free, and you only have to pay for the game once, making the game exceptional value for money.


The Last Guardian

In case you were living under a rock in 2015, the Last Guardian has been revived! After a 9-year development, full of delays, changes and apparent cancellation, the game reared its beautiful head at E3 2015 to rapturous applause.

But for the handful of you who haven’t heard of the Last Guardian yet, let’s fill you in. You play as a young boy trying to escape a set of ancient ruins after being kidnapped. Your escape is aided by Trico, a giant bird-raccoon-dog thing. That’s right, not only do you get a helpful pet companion, he happens to be huge. Take that, Fallout 4! With Fumita Ueda (of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico fame) at the helm, we can’t help but excited for this one.


Honorable mentions:

Street Fight V, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gears of War 4, Doom, Dark Souls 3

So what game are you most looking for to in 2016? Let us know!

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