MoGi Group’s Top Films of the Summer

Compared to previous years, it´s fair to say that summer 2015 wasn´t exactly a vintage year for huge blockbusters smashing box office records. However, that´s not to say that fun times weren´t had in front of the big screen. Some were underappreciated, some are destined for ´cult classic´ status, and some featured flame-throwing guitars. Here´s a rundown of the best films witnessed by MoGi eyes this summer:

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

A reimagining of a classic starring man-of-the-moment Tom Hardy and the always-brilliant Charlize Theron gave this film all the ingredients for a classic, and the end result did not disappoint. 2 hours of pure adrenaline and thrills saw this epic take over $44 million in its opening weekend.

MoGi Verdict: ‘It has a flamethrowing guitar. That tells you everything you need to know’ Kevin, German Translator

2. Jurassic World

The fourth film of the Jurassic Park franchise is set 22 years after the events of the 1993 movie. A new theme park has been built on the old Jurassic Park site and seems to be doing well until its newest attraction – a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine – escapes and begins a killing spree. With plenty of tributes to the original classics, it’s a film that delighted old and new fans alike.

MoGi Verdict: ‘I think that everyone will agree that this movie was THE blockbuster of the year. It stays true to the previous Jurassic Park films. The special effects are awesome and it´s so impressive in IMAX 3D!’ Claire, French Customer Support Agent

3. Spy

Melissa McCarthy shines in this side-splitting James Bond parody directed by Paul Feig. She plays Susan Cooper, an undercover secret agent who embarks on her first field mission and shows that she is not to be messed with! Spy exceeded expectations by crossing the $230 million mark worldwide and rating an impressive 93% on film-popularity bible Rotten Tomatoes.

MoGi Verdict: ‘This film is action-packed and is one of the best comedies this year. The most enjoyable scenes for me were the ones between McCarthy and Jason Statham´s character, who has killer one-liners.’ Lucy, English Copywriter

4. San Andreas

This epic disaster movie shows the potential consequences of enormous earthquakes all along the San Andreas Fault line. Dwayne Johnson takes on tidal waves, huge cracks in the earth and an untold number of collapsing buildings to save his wife and daughter. It’s an action film starring The Rock, need we say anymore?

MoGi Verdict: ‘Don’t live in San Francisco, unless you are related to The Rock.’ Joe, English Copywriter

5. Inside Out

This 3D animated picture could well be Pixar’s best yet which, when you consider they brought us the Toy Story trilogy, is really saying something. Riley, an 11-year-old Midwestern girl, has her world turned upside-down (and indeed inside out) when she is forced to move to San Francisco. The genius of the film comes from the fact that the main characters in the film are her emotions. If there is a better depiction of growing up and the experiences of childhood, we are yet to see it.

MoGi Verdict:  ‘This Pixar movie is, like other Pixar productions in general, awesome! The emotions as living entities in this young girl´s head is a brilliant idea and film is both funny and true to the heart.’ Fabien, French Community Manager

6. Amy

This documentary presents archived footage and personal testimonies regarding the life of the late British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse. Widely regarded as one of the best voices and talents of her generation, the story is ultimately a tragic one and the film had a powerful impact on critics and audiences alike.

MoGi Verdict:: I didn’t realize what a talented artist Amy Winehouse was until I watched this documentary. The film is filled with recollections from people she knew and interview clips, which make it funny at times, and sad at others.’ Hélène, French Copywriter

So there you have it folks! Our expert opinion on the best films this summer. Here’s to more fantastic movies in the run up to Christmas and, of course, the Oscars!

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