UNICEF and Star Wars Charity Event Kicks off – MO Group International Recognized as Founding Member

star wars

MO Group International Joins Star Wars: Force for Change to Support UNICEF’s Innovation Labs

Obi-Wan said that the Force binds the galaxy together. Now it’s time for Star Wars fans to come together to prove the weight of his words. The Star Wars: Force for Change charity sweepstake is supporting UNICEF’s Innovation Labs to help solve many of the common problems in developing countries. Some of their projects include: supplying rural communities with low-cost water hand-pumps, registering children so they can be reunited with their families after natural disasters, and the solar-powered Digital Drum which provides children with educational material in communities without electricity.

“At MO Group International, we’re always looking for ways to pay it forward. If thousands of people can come together to make just a small effort it can make a huge difference to children who would otherwise miss out on essential opportunities. We encourage others to donate to the Force for Change and to help share UNICEF’s life-changing work,” says Orad Elkayam, CEO and Heado of Business Operations at MO Group International.

Contributors who donate a significant amount to the cause will be recognized as Founding Members and entered into a drawing to shoot a scene for the upcoming film. Other prizes include t-shirts, private screening parties, limited edition concept art, signed scripts, and more. MO Group International is pleased to be counted as a Founding Member and encourages others to visit the official site to learn more and to make a difference: www.omaze.com/starwars

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